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Recordings by Will Stanley and "Willy Nilly"

No Pain No Gain -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

She Used To Be My Girl -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

Let It Go -- Lyrics -- Chords --MP3

See And Be Seen -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

I'm Still Waiting -- Lyrics -- MP3   Pop Ballad

I Always Knew -- Lyrics -- MP3   Pop Ballad

The Tyranny Of Guns -- Lyrics -- MP3   Pop Ballad

There's No Place Called Away--Lyrics--MP3

I'm In The Majority--Lyrics--MP3

Don't Blame Me -- Lyrics -- MP3   Pop Ballad

Life's Not Fair -- Lyrics -- MP3   Pop Ballad

Playing The Game -- Lyrics -- MP3   Pop/RockRecent songs--

Time Wounds All Heels -- Lyrics -- MP3   Pop/Rock

We'll Soon See (If This Is Meant To Be) -- Lyrics -- MP3   Pop

A Better Man -- Lyrics -- MP3   Ballad

Valentine's Day Bouquet -- Lyrics -- MP3   Pop Rock

Too Shy Guy -- Lyrics -- MP3   Pop

Every Which Way From Sunday -- Lyrics -- MP3   Pop

Want What You Have -- Lyrics -- MP3   Jazz Pop

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How Will I Know If I Don't Ask -- Lyrics -- MP3   Pop Jazz

How To Love Again -- Lyrics -- MP3   Pop Jazz

Until Love Goes Out Of Style -- Lyrics -- MP3   Pop Wedding Song

Stop Whining Start Winning -- Lyrics -- MP3  Rock

He And She -- Lyrics -- MP3  Pop

Stop Those Lies -- Lyrics -- MP3  Pop Rock

Friendship Into True Love -- Lyrics -- MP3   Pop

Her Secret Smile  --  Lyrics  --  MP3  Pop

At The Mall -- Lyrics -- MP3   Pop Jazz

Let's Make A Start -- Lyrics -- MP3 Jazz Pop

The Powers That Be -- Lyrics -- MP3 Pop

The Difference Between Love And Lust -- Lyrics -- MP3 Rockin' Pop

Self-loathing And Disgrace -- Lyrics -- MP3  Pop/Jazz

Almost My Shotgun Wedding Night -- Lyrics -- MP3 Jazz Ballad

The Blame Game -- Lyrics -- MP3 Jazz Ballad

You're Still Beautiful -- Lyrics -- MP3 Jazz Ballad

Strength In Strings -- Lyrics -- MP3 (Rocker)

I'll Never Do That Again -- Lyrics -- MP3 (Rocker)

Once Upon A Time -- Lyrics -- MP3 (Jazz Pop a la Chris Rea)

Inside My Head -- Lyrics -- MP3 (60's sounding Pop Classic )

Let's Not Make Love-- Lyrics -- MP3 (Country Ballad)

She's For Me -- Lyrics -- MP3 (Upbeat pop)

6 Impossible Things -- Lyrics -- MP3 (Jazz Pop Ballad)

Lost In The Sauce -- Lyrics -- MP3 (country rock n roll)

Sassafras -- Lyrics -- MP3 (jazz pop "love" song)

(We Fell In Love) A Second Time -- Lyrics -- MP3 (slower mid-tempo pop love song)

I'm Disagreeable -- Lyrics -- MP3 (uptempo pop-rocker)

Too Late Out Of The Gate -- Lyrics -- MP3 (another pop "story" song)

Uh-Oh -- Lyrics -- MP3 (jazz-pop)

Deal With It -- Lyrics -- MP3 (rock)

She's Got The Look (That Gets The Looks) -- Lyrics -- MP3 (bossa nova)

Too Much Information -- Lyrics -- MP3 (pop)

Money Talks -- Lyrics -- MP3 (rock)

As A Matter Of Fact-- Lyrics -- MP3 (pop)

At The End Of The Day -- Lyrics -- MP3 (pop)

When There's No Other Choice-- Lyrics --MP3 (pop)

The Lightningbolt Kid-- Lyrics --MP3 (pop-rock)

That's A Whole Nother Thing -- Lyrics -- MP3 (country)

(When It Comes To Love) What's Not To Like-- Lyrics --MP3 (country)

I Love You More Than Myself-- Lyrics --MP3 (pop ballad)

Captain Santa Claus-- Lyrics --MP3 (rockin' Christmas song)

Can't We Just Be Man And Wife (For One More Night) -- Lyrics --MP3

I Like Girls-- Lyrics --MP3 (pop-rock)

I'll Take It From There-- Lyrics --MP3

Rebecca From Tribeca-- Lyrics --MP3 (pop-rock)

Her Secret Smile-- Lyrics --MP3 (pop)

Like White On Rice -- Lyrics --MP3 (pop-rock)

There's No Place Called Away -- Lyrics --MP3 (rock)

Why Can't I Be Satisfied -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

Inspired by a Sarah Kay poem

News Flash -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

It Feels Like Love -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

 Without A Trace -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

Hypocrisy -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

Misremembering -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

Drew -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

Molly And Me (Things You Can't Unsee) -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

What Comes Next -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3 (with a vigorous nod to Johann Pachelbel)

The Beginning Of The End -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

Fifteen Minutes Of Fame -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

A Really Great Day -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

 Good Friends -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

Wishful Thinkin' -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

Mary Quant -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3



Bonus Tracks by other songwriters: Scotch And Soda -- MP3

Just Like Romeo And Juliet -- MP3

Tonight I Fell In Love -- MP3

Things We Said Today -- MP3

This Time -- MP3

Medley Timber--Tonight I Fell In Love

Barb's Birthday Song: Soul Mates -- Lyrics -- MP3


Social Studies
Love and Anti-Love
Oldies But Goodies
Just Plain Pop

It's Gotta Stop--Lyrics--MP3

I'm In The Majority--Lyrics--MP3 Soul Mates--Lyrics--MP3 Pull The Plug--Lyrics--MP3 I Wanna Be On Top--Lyrics--MP3 The Hang of You--Lyrics--MP3
Raylene--Lyrics--MP3 There's No Place Called Away--Lyrics--MP3

Her Secret Smile--Lyrics--MP3

I'm Thru With Love--Lyrics--MP3 I Like Girls--Lyrics--MP3 Wudunit--Lyrics--MP3
Bonsai Man--Lyrics--MP3 Rebecca From Tribeca--Lyrics--MP3 Brand New Day--Lyrics--MP3 Let's Run Away--Lyrics--MP3 I'll Take It From There--Lyrics--MP3 Tell Me A Lie--Lyrics--MP3
Thinking Back On All Those Places We've Loved--Lyrics--MP3 Stop Whining Start Winning--Lyrics--MP3 Those Goo-Goo Eyes--Lyrics--MP3 Itty Bitty Betty--Lyrics--MP3 My Baby Loves Boys--Lyrics--MP3 Crystalline Dream--Lyrics--MP3
No One Stays Together Anymore--Lyrics--MP3 What A Way To Go--Lyrics--MP3 Not A Moment Too Soon--Lyrics--MP3 Yes I Do!--Lyrics--MP3 Ride The Train--Lyrics--MP3 I Love You More Than Myself--Lyrics--MP3
Just To The West Of Whoopie--Lyrics--MP3 MYOB--Lyrics--MP3 The Skin That You're In--Lyrics--MP3 The Morning After The Night Before--Lyrics--MP3 I Like Feet--Lyrics--MP3

Her Tattoo--Lyrics--MP3

It's My Turn--Lyrics--MP3 If I Could Live My Life Again--Lyrics--MP3 Dead Ringer--Lyrics--MP3 On the 8:15 To Nashville--Instrumental--MP3  
The Thing That I Found On The Ground--Lyrics--MP3 It's A Conspiracy--Lyrics--MP3


The Girl Who Doesn't Wear Clothes--Lyrics--MP3

Mary Was The One--Lyrics--MP3

There's Sue--Lyrics--MP3 Anywhere But Here--Lyrics--MP3 It's Just Love--Lyrics--MP3 I Love Your Toes -- Lyrics -- MP3 Like White On Rice--Lyrics--MP3
Fay Accompli--Lyrics--MP3 There But For The Grace Of God--Lyrics--MP3 Apropos Of Nothing--Lyrics--MP3 I Love You Nude--Lyrics--MP3 Lynn--Lyrics--MP3
Is It Mine--Lyrics--MP3 The Mary-Go-Round--Lyrics--MP3 To Be Frank--Lyrics--MP3 Lost In The Sauce -- Lyrics -- MP3 Man Oh Man!--Lyrics--MP3
What Ya Doin' Here--Lyrics--MP3 Plausible Deniability--Lyrics--MP3 A Girl Like Her--Lyrics--MP3 Loose Cannons -- Lyrics -- MP3 American Idle--Lyrics--MP3
My Best Friend's Ex--Lyrics--MP3 Perfectly Legal--Lyrics--MP3 She's A Witch--Lyrics--MP3 Inside My Head -- Lyrics --MP3 Just Hit Reply--Lyrics--MP3
I Resemble That Remark--Lyrics--MP3 Made In The USA--Lyrics--MP3 Not So Much--Lyrics--MP3 The Train Out Of Town--Lyrics--MP3
Nostrafreakindamus--Lyrics--MP3 You've Got Balls--Lyrics--MP3 One Kiss At A Time--Lyrics--MP3 Quality Time--Lyrics--MP3
Get Over Yourself--Lyrics--MP3 A Second Time -- Lyrics --MP3 I Love You More Than Myself-- Lyrics --MP3 Gravy Train--Lyrics--MP3
Two Can Play This Game--Lyrics--MP3 Let's Let It Go -- Lyrics (We Fell In Love) A Second Time -- Lyrics -- MP3   Captain Santa Claus--Lyrics--MP3
Unbeatable Jean--Lyrics--MP3 Global Warming -- Lyrics -- MP3
Real Life--Lyrics--MP3        
Be Fruitful--Lyrics--MP3





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