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Will Stanley 

"Will Stanley will be remembered long after Steely Dan is forgotten....

And not until!"


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All songs below 2003--2017 Will Stanley

Recordings by Will Stanley and "The Bald Spots"

This month's songs: Why Can't I Be Satisfied -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

Inspired by a Sarah Kay poem

News Flash -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

It Feels Like Love -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

 And Without A Trace -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

 Two New songs--with opposite views of life

The Optimist: Psalm: Love (What We Need More Of) -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

The Pessimist:  Hypocrisy -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

Original Dumpster Divers 

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Inside Of You -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

Jeans Miniskirt -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

The-Mary-Go-Round -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

Ride The Train -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

Bonsai Man -- Lyrics -- Chords --MP3

Time Wounds All Heels -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

Soul Mates -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

  Last month's new song: On Sunday -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

Here's a new medley of songs I didn't write that I really like: Timber (I'm Falling In Love) with Tonight I Fell In Love -- MP3


No One Stays Together Anymore -- Lyrics -- MP3

It's Just Love -- Lyrics -- MP3

A Girl Like Her -- Lyrics -- MP3

The Skin That You're In -- Lyrics -- MP3

I Love You More Than Myself -- Lyrics  -- MP3

Isadorable -- Lyrics -- MP3

If I Could Live My Life Again -- Lyrics -- MP3

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