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"Will Stanley will be remembered long after W. B. Yeats  is forgotten....

And not until!"


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All songs below 2003--2016 Will Stanley

Recordings by Will Stanley and 'US Guys"

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This month's song:  Sexy Sweet Smart -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

Last month's song: I'm The Humblest Man -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3 In honor of You Know Who

A Really Great Day -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

 Good Friends -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

Wishful Thinkin' -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

Mary Quant -- Lyrics -- Chords -- MP3

Blast from the past: Money Talks -- Lyrics -- MP3  Scathing indictment of our political system


I've decided to bring back an album from years ago, for "old times' sake"



1. Anywhere But Here -- Lyrics -- MP3

2. Brand New Day -- Lyrics -- MP3

3. Conspiracy -- Lyrics -- MP3

4.  Get Over Yourself -- Lyrics -- MP3

5.  I Resemble That Remark-- Lyrics -- MP3

6. Mary Was The One -- Lyrics -- MP3

7. Nostrafreakindamus -- Lyrics -- MP3

8. Not So Much -- Lyrics -- MP3

9. Plausible Deniability -- Lyrics -- MP3

10. She's A Witch-- Lyrics -- MP3

11. Tell Me A Lie-- Lyrics -- MP3

12. It's My Turn-- Lyrics -- MP3

13. A Girl Like Her -- Lyrics -- MP3

Bonus Track -- There But For The Grace Of God--Lyrics -- MP3

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